Patient Experience

“I love Dr. Lambert’s energy and friendly smile. She did an exemplary job of explaining everything and it was interesting too! She impressed me with her attitude of caring and made sure I understood her concerns and her plan for me. So happy to have her as my new optometrist.”

– J.S

“I see Dr. Beeksma and Dr. Buntrock and love them both! They have been amazing with my eye disease and follow-up! Having to travel far to see specialists, it is nice to have doctors that I have been able to depend on and right in my town! Thank you guys for all you have done for me!!!.”


“I was so happy with how nice everyone was to me. Thrilled with Dr. Harvey! It’s great to deal with someone who thinks outside of the box. ”


“I was so happy with how nice everyone was to me. Thrilled with Dr. Harvey! It’s great to deal with someone who thinks outside of the box.”

My vision is so bright, so crisp, and sharp after my procedure with Dr. Harvey. His “gift” is such a tremendous “gift” to me. Thank you so much !

~ K.F

I had my first cataract surgery with Dr. Harvey and had a corrective lens implanted. After years of poor vision, I was so impressed with the outcome, I couldn’t wait for the cataract in the right eye to become “ripe for the pickin”. I had the right eye surgery this past week and “can see clearly” now. I can’t say enough about Dr. Harvey’s upbeat, positive attitude and attention to detail. In fact, he called me himself the evening of my surgery to see how I was doing. The staff at Independent Surgery Center and the staff at Chippewa Valley Eye Clinic reflect Dr. Harvey’s lead of positive, safe procedures, and capability of making you feel like you are their most important patient. I highly recommend both Dr. Harvey and the Independent Surgery Center for anyone considering cataract correction.

~ P.H.

I am so thankful to Dr. Dow and his staff for the success of my eye surgery. My eyes were so bad I could not read the newspaper, faxes, or emails. Overall, I experienced difficulty taking care of my business and my staff had to read everything to me.

In terms of recreation, I continued to play golf but could not see where the ball went. I was totally dependant on my friends to watch the ball for me. It made the game a lot less fun as I could not appreciate a good shot.
Since I had the CrystaLens implant surgery, it is like a new world again. I can function normally and really enjoy my golf.

~ S.H.

Due to my diabetic condition, I had experienced significant vision loss and was referred to Dr. Lange for treatment. He performed both cataract surgery and laser surgery to repair blood vessels. He restored my eyesight and I am very pleased with the results.”
“Of course, with age and diabetes my vision is continually deteriorating but Dr. Lange gave me some great years. He is a fine physician.

~ T.P.

Last Tuesday, January 31, I visited your clinic and met with Dr. Lee Hofer. I also met with Leslie, who I believe is your assistant. Another gentleman whose name I don’t recall did my retina scan. I apologize for failing to remember his name. I’m sure Dr. Hofer and Leslie can tell you who he was.In any case, my purpose in writing you this letter is to tell you how incredibly impressed I was by all three of your medical stuff. The same thing applies to your people at your reception desk. As I don’t told Leslie, I’m old enough to have visited dozens of eye care facilities since I’ve worn glasses since about 1953.”

In all that time I have never been treated with more care and consideration than I was last Tuesday. It just about brings tears to my eyes. Both Dr. Hofer and Leslie answered every one of my questions completely and they both took the time to be sure they did so. It is a blessing and a privilege to have access to such excellent healthcare and I just want to compliment you and your stuff for providing it. Please share my compliments with Dr. Hofer and Leslie and the rest of your staff as you see fit.
Best wishes to you and your people for continued success.
Thank you very much, Sincerely

~ Stewart

I just wanted to write a ‘letter of thanks’ to your after hours staff and Dr. Buntrock. After traveling to the Rice Lake area from Racine, I discovered something in my eye. I called the office and the after hours receptionist was able to put me in direct contact with the on-call doctor to see what my next step was. Being Independence Day weekend, the office was closed but Dr. Buntrock met me at the clinic and removed a piece of metal and the debris from my eye. Thank you for having staff that patients can actually talk to, and doctors that care for everyone they talk to, not just their usual patients

~ R.M.

Dear Dr. Gray and Staff, Thank you so much for enabling me to see again! I was so surprised at how efficient & quick everything went during the surgeries. The black recliners were a fun part of it — my glasses come in this week and then I’ll be all set! Thanks again!

~ J.L

Facing cataract surgery, I was glad to learn of the CrystaLens IOL which promised to give good results for near, intermediate, and far distance vision without glasses. Just a few weeks after surgery, I am reading the newspaper, reading music, and driving without glasses. I am excited to know my vision will continue to improve over the next few months.

~ N.L.

Accountant, Chicago, IL

I had cataract surgery with Dr. Lange 2 years ago. Prior to my surgery, I had been experiencing such extremely nearsighted vision that Dr. Lange felt that he could no longer correct with glasses.”
“When Dr. Lange’s nurse removed my eye patch after surgery, it was a miracle; the first time I could see without glasses since the first grade.”
“I would recommend Dr. Lange for a surgeon.

~ S.E

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