For the majority of cases, surgery is the only cure. Modern cataract surgery is typically performed through a small incision. High-frequency ultrasound, called phacoemulsification, is used to break up the cloudy lens material, and a micro-vacuum removes it from the eye. A clear, artificial implant lens of appropriate power is placed inside the eye to provide focusing power. Today, no-stitch cataract surgery is performed whenever possible.

At Chippewa Valley Eye Clinic, we believe high quality patient care is paramount to achieving vision correction. We understand that each patient has unique vision needs. All treatment recommendations for vision correction procedures are based on thorough clinical assessments of your individual situation and a careful evaluation by our doctors and staff of your personal goals.The doctors and surgeons at Chippewa Valley Eye Clinic are committed to providing you with the most comprehensive eye care possible. Read what our patients say about their care.

“I was so happy with how nice everyone was to me. Thrilled with Dr. Harvey! It’s great to deal with someone who thinks outside of the box.”


For over 35 years, the Chippewa Valley Eye Clinic has been the premier full-service eye care provider in Western Wisconsin. The clinic has expanded with the growing needs of the Chippewa Valley , and our 9 providers see over 50,000 patients each year. Tens of thousands of procedures have been performed by our experienced surgeons, ranging from glaucoma treatments and cataract removal to refractive surgeries and cosmetic rejuvenation. With a combined total of over 140 years in the operating room, our surgeons have a wealth of knowledge and experience from which to draw.


Every year new eye care procedures and treatments are approved by the FDA. At the Chippewa Valley Eye Clinic we are dedicated to the health of your eyes. We thoroughly investigate new technologies before offering them to our patients. The doctors and surgeons at the Chippewa Valley Eye Clinic are among the most experienced, trusted, and respected in our community and throughout Wisconsin.

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